iCODE Management System Pvt. Ltd., operates India’s first and only eEmploymentxchange mobile app to connect every work-force from the remotest parts of India with employers having vacancies across world. Enrolling needy workforce in placement highway eEmploymentxchange from PAN INDIA for better placement opportunities is iCODE aim. Bridging the gap between Employers having vacancies and suitable future workforce through innovative platform is project initiative.

eEmploymentxchange mobile app platform designed to alert jobseekers about the availability of suitable JOB vacancies from Corporate India. eEmploymentxchange mobile app – Digital India initiative by team iCode, designed as Placement highway, implementation of iCODE component in career aspect shall serve Indian Workforce on most concern area.

Sectoral industry participation of Candidates and Companies shall be easily established through eEmploymentxchange. Namely Automobile, Banking, Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharma, ITBT, Logistics etc.

Urge for iCODE

  • Requirement of direct interface among Companies having vacancies and the Workforce searching for better employment option.
  • JOB requirement being household concern for both Freshers and Working people, need of permanent solution wished through unique platform eEmploymentxchange app.

How iCODE Works

  • eEmploymentxchange enrolment offered to every talent with lifetime validity at one time nominal fee of Rs. 300.
  • No restriction of age or qualification for availing iCODE service through innovative mobile app.
  • Our USP of Paid and Serious iCODE profile of suitable workforce, made freely available for Employers with unlimited access shall attract more Companies.
  • Employers from unaddressed segment avail iCODE service while searching Workforce, registrants bound to get maximum alerts matching suitable opportunities.

What makes iCODE attractive for WORKFORCE

  • Hassle free Digital platform
  • Valid for whole life
  • Needy service
  • User friendly Mobile app
  • Reasonable price
  • Internet Savvy Younger generation

Why shall Employers consider iCODECITY

  • Unaddressed MSME segment is the target of iCODECITY.
  • Free HR service support in Changed pattern .
  • Highway for recruitment to JOB opportunities created through Make in India initiative.
  • Miles away candidates Just a click away.
  • User friendly mobile application to select suitable candidates depend on the required parameters of Location, Qualification, Skill-set.

Highlights of iCODE

  • Useful for : Workforce - Employers – Institutes.
  • Permanent solution on career front.
  • Next generation ‘Virtual Jobfair’ made possible.
  • Profile Updating technique through auto mailers.
  • Tailor made talent search engine on Sectoral parameter.

iCODE Productive Aim

  • Practically Bridging the gap between Workforce and Employers through easy Mobile app for placement assistance.
  • Exhibiting State Talent profile to world-wide Employers through innovative eEmploymentxchange.
  • Auto Matching and reporting of maximum iCODE profiles to Employers having vacancies through unique link pin iCODE.
  • USP of serving unmet Shops & Establishment with free HR service to cater unemployed.
  • Initiating association of MIDC , CII , FICCI, Chamber of Commerce etc reaching out to maximum MSME establishments.

Existing associations

  • Department of India Post signed Trade Channel partner MoU with iCODE JOBCARD. More than 42000 Post offices are engaged in selling iCODE cards.
  • Ministry of Law & Justice, Department of Legal affairs had Vetted the agreement signed with Department of India Post.
  • Government of Gujarat, Department of Labour and Employment signed MoU with eEmploymentxchange Mobile app


AAchieving the Social objectives of curbing unemployment through sound Human Resource Management and improving the livelihoods of unmet rural workforce through state-of-the-art placement highway iCODECITY.Com, eEmploymentxchange mobile app..