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iCODE is an unique number allotted on enrolling talent at for better employment opportunities in future date.

iCODE Contents complete profile such as Personal / Contact / Scholastic and Skill-set details of enrolling jobseeker.

iCODE is shaped as an effective tool to link companies having vacancies with available work-force. created as an unique platform for talents to display their skill-set to the world irrespective of their geographical, social and economical background.

For companies is an absolutely free human resource databank, aims to serve them on HR front in changed pattern.

Dynamic talent search engine with many parameters will assist companies in finding the suitable talent

Unique platform created with aim to bring-in jobseekers and companies having vacancies without the interference of middle-men.

Offering premium service on HR solution at ZERO cost to companies , may attract more companies from various segment to find a suitable candidate. Participation of more companies at iCODECITY will effect in getting more interview calls for the enrolled talent. Unique tool at affordable price on needy service will safeguard the interest of workforce with life time validation.

With their skill-set information talent have to make sure their profile available at iCODECITY when companies search for the skill-set matching with theirs.

iCODE profile can be created at iCODECITY on purchase of iCODE employment card worth Rs.300/ from local dealers. Online payment option is also available at website.

What is iCODE?

iCODE is a unique number allotted to registering members at iCODECITY.COM – eEmploymentxchange on creating profile for better employment opportunities.


iCODECITY.COM is innovative eEmploymentxchange, with free talent search engine for Employers having vacancies and looking for suitable workforce. To make jobseekers profile available for Companies, one needs to create iCODE and exhibit skill-set. Interview alert may come in a mode of email, SMS or phone call without even applying for the same.

What are the contents of iCODE ?

iCODE contains jobseeker’s Skill-set, Personal information, Contact details, Scholastic records and the work experience details.

Can iCODE holder update their profile regularly?

Yes. Any numbers of times one can update the iCODE profile at Password will be allotted along with the iCODE numbers to keep their details updated.

In how many months registered jobseeker may get call for job ?

iCODE is JOBSEEKERS profile created at eEmploymentxchange for better employment opportunities in future date. Registered members may get interview call even from the first day. Getting job is completely depend on the merit of candidates and the requirements of Companies on the parameters of Qualification, Locations and Skill-set.

What is the difference between other job portals and

iCODECITY.COM is unique eEmploymentxchange, making Employer reach to the suitable candidates absolutely free of cost, directly without the assistance of middle-man.

Why eEmploymentxchange access is free to Companies ?

To attract more numbers of Companies having vacancies while searching for the suitable iCODE profile of Jobseekers at eEmploymentxchange.

How many Companies are there at icodecity at present ?

More than 6000+ Companies are availing this service as on March 2017. Being it is free service to companies, any companies number of employers can simply register and avail talent search service.

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